About our practice

Narcosia Anaesthesia group has a longstanding tradition of excellence in the field of anaesthesia. Our group prides itself on having a high bar for specialists to join the practice. We value clinical ability as well as ‘non-technical skills’ – human characteristics that promote a culture of safety. As a result, we have built a reputation among surgeons and patients for providing safe, reliable, compassionate and quality healthcare.

This longstanding commitment to quality is reflected in the roles and awards that our current and past members have held. Our current anaesthetists include members who have topped the nation in their specialist exams, have held prominent positions in professional bodies such as the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, have been examiners with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, have been Supervisors of Training for trainee anaesthetists, and have been recognised for their research into ways to make anaesthesia safer.

Our members also include those who have given their time and expertise to provide charitable care overseas.

We aim to remain at the forefront of our profession by placing a high value on characteristics such as clinical excellence, integrity, humility and teamwork.

Our Vision

We aim to provide high quality anaesthesia for every patient.

Our strategy

  • Quality can be measured. We are involved in quality assurance programs and we respect and welcome any feedback.
  • We set a high bar for anaesthetists who wish to join the practice. We value clinical and ‘non-technical skills’ and aim to identify current or future leaders in the profession.
  • Regular meetings for case conferencing, governance and CPD (continuing professional development) activities.
  • Quality assurance requires not only individual skills, but a systematic approach. We aim to remain involved in many professional bodies that advocate for patient safety and high-quality outcomes. Healthcare is a ‘team sport’. We aim to build healthcare teams that perform at an elite level.
  • We aim to maintain long term relationships with our surgical and physician colleagues by providing a seamless transition as they enter private practice and, as their practice matures, ensuring a consistently high level of care for patients.

Our History

The Narcosia Anaesthesia group had its beginnings in 1954 when Dr Roger Bennett commenced providing anaesthesia services in Brisbane. Ballow Chambers, on Wickham Terrace, was the first location chosen. Dr Dan Hogg joined him in practice in 1962, however Dr Bennett died shortly after in 1967. The practice continued to grow steadily, moving to SDK house on Fortescue Street in 1977 and acquiring the name “Narcosia Anaesthesia Group” in that year. The move to our present location at Hill House, Boundary Street, Spring Hill occurred in 1989.

Past members of our group have had distinguished careers in anaesthesia and established the culture of excellence that remains today. Also established was a sense of community within the practice, that continues today through regular work meetings and social events.

From our humble beginnings our practice has grown into one of the larger practices in Brisbane. Our members provide anaesthesia services at most hospitals and day surgeries in Brisbane and surrounds. The ethos of the practice has always been forward looking and we remain dedicated to continuing the tradition of excellence established by our past members.